RPA As Easy As ABC

October 9, 2021

Alaina Francis

What is RPA?
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of software bots to perform high-volume, rule-based tasks. These bots not only increase productive knowledge work by slicing down labor hours previously wasted on tedious, mundane, and repetitive tasks, but ensure that all data entered is accurate and error-free. It’s the digital assistant you’ve always dreamed of and one you can trust.

Computer Automation

I hear you asking the question – how does this relate to schools?

In short, it enables teachers to get back to teaching. Schools Districts are the last frontier of heavy paperwork and the pen and paper approach. Sure, the environment has seen micro-revolutions with SmartBoards and online course management systems like Blackboard, but RPA operates on a much larger scale. By automating processes, RPA offers teachers better management abilities, removes the stress of an overwhelming workload, and improves the occupational experience – all with minimal user-end coding requirements!

In the age of the pandemic, being able to communicate effectively while in a remote setting is the key to success.

It has never been more convenient to initiate classroom peer-to-peer discussions and share assignments with built-in due-date reminders. Educators are also able to conduct testing online with bots that are proficient at detecting and reporting incidences of academic dishonesty. Remote proctoring verifies student identification, tracks eye movements, notes the opening of new tabs, and records desktop screens for quizzes and exams.

With RPA, the frustration of grading is now a thing of the past. Assignments and tests are scored automatically, granting students instant access to their results and the correct responses to missed questions. Teachers are thus afforded more time to focus on providing constructive feedback to critical-thinking activities such as projects, essays, and presentations.

RPA reshapes digital learning by placing student success at the core.

Pupils receive automatic notifications for late and missed work to stay abreast of their academic careers. To identify problem areas needing improvement and recognize strengths, teachers can create reports that include data on the length of time a student spends on specific topics and utilize this information to recommend supplemental, tailored study aids.

Report cards can be easily generated, auto populated with all grades from the quarter, and distributed to students and parents. Parents then have the opportunity to review and sign-off on their child’s progress or, alternatively, request a parent-teacher meeting for further discussion.

Speaking of scheduling, an increasing percentage of teachers juggle coaching an extracurricular activity along with their daily teaching duties.

RPA bots facilitate the scheduling of club meetings and important events, in addition to offering registration and selection functions for sports teams and school plays. These capabilities make managing after-school activities a breeze.

RPA offers educators invaluable resources to organize and optimize instruction. If you are interested in learning more about how RPA can assist your school district,

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