RPA is perfect for Federal Agencies

November 17, 2020

Thomas S

Federal agencies are looking to integrate cutting edge technology into their processes. However, the government can’t easily make sweeping changes. There are layers of approval for each agency to ensure continued positive public service.   

That’s why robotic process automation (RPA) is ideal for the federal government. It doesn’t require processes to be ripped out and replaced. RPA is a complementary technology that supports existing task flows. 


There are already strong Federal RPA Use Cases. 

NASA has recently implemented 72 RPA bots in the NASA Shared Services Center. Since the NSSC needs to process a large number of emailed grants, staff previously had to pick through hundreds of emails over days. Now bots have turned a manual and tedious process into a quick and efficient operation. 


You can read more about this new RPA implementation at GCN with this link.

RPA sees fast adoption across the government in part because of the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA has come out with several resources for Federal Agencies in this last year, including an RPA community of practice.

Here’s their quoted purpose.  “The RPA Community of Practice (CoP) helps individual agencies overcome the technical, management, and operational challenges that arise in designing and deploying an effective RPA program. This includes important initiatives like designing common federal standards for credentialing, ensuring privacy and security, and designing common management metrics to gauge RPA’s government-wide impact.”

In time the expectation is that most industries will have taken advantage of RPA, and the government will undoubtedly be among them.