Five Ways RPA Revolutionizes HR in Schools

October 18, 2021

Alaina Francis

Last week, we discussed how teachers could benefit from RPA solutions, but did you know that many K-12 HR tasks could also be automated? Already commonplace in business and commercial domains, HR automation has been successful in increasing retention by elevating employee satisfaction. Indeed, just by RPA’s ability to reduce the burden of repetitive, high-volume workloads and minimize the strain of adapting to frequently changing compliance regulations, it’s not hard to see why.

According to our partner, UiPath, RPA “reclaims 40% of your HR professionals’ time” and decreases processing time by 85%. Let’s investigate five areas that can be radically improved by digital optimization.

Back-end processes, such as hiring school bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and teachers, can be simplified from the screening stage through to the finalization of offer letters. RPA bots tackle the frustration of sourcing candidates head-on: scanning through online resumes, comparing submissions to active job descriptions, identifying the most qualified candidates, and compiling a short list for interview. From there, interview scheduling and rejection notifications can be generated.

After signing the offer letter, HR creates a new account for the new hire. With RPA bots, activating such an account can initiate a whole host of tag-along functions that ensure a smooth onboarding experience. These include generating an employee e-mail address and ID, granting access rights, assigning the appropriate credentials for the role, and processing additional onboarding documentation. In harnessing the power of RPA, tasks that took multiple days in the past can all be completed in a few minutes, preparing new personnel to hit the ground running in their work on day 1.

Time and Attendance
With an average class size of 19 students (and growing), it is crucial for educators to be on time and ready to teach as soon as the first bell rings. While schools typically already have a system in place for teachers to clock-in, submit vacation requests, and register sick leaves, RPA enhances these features by running cross-checks on time logged against self-reports. Bots automatically send warnings to late faculty members with triggers in place to notify HR of any absences or record discrepancies. With this information easily available, HR are then able to reallocate teaching resources, evaluate employee attendance, and initiate disciplinary actions for repeat offenders.

Security Protocols
It is an unpleasant reality that the world we live in is becoming more dangerous. However, RPA capabilities can help make schools a safer place to learn by ensuring all individuals on-site are reported and granted clearance. Gone are the days of pen-and-paper sign-in sheets. During the registration process for all contractors and visitors, RPA bots can mandate photo and ID verification and submit these forms and captures to HR. Additionally, in the event of a termination, badge revocation and denial of system access can be handled by a bot to preserve sensitive data and heighten school security.

Data Management
At any given time, HR departments maintain an ocean of data on vendors, applicants, compliance regulations, and current and past employees. The information on active staff alone includes payroll, benefits, and performance reviews. RPA bots can swiftly navigate multiple databases to ensure consistent accurate entries across all systems.

From applicant screening through to employee termination, RPA ensures that HR departments are operating with the utmost accuracy, compliance adherence, and efficiency. To learn more about how RPA can assist HR departments in your school district,
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Alaina Francis
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