AiFOIA-Bots Search, Redact & Package FOIA Request Response in Minutes… not Weeks!

The long-awaited FOIA Case Management System saves money, manpower… and more! From school districts to government agencies, public organizations not only have the most difficult budget limits and time constraints to maneuver… but also suffer the highest legal consequences if civic duties aren’t fulfilled on schedule!

Mistakes or late responses to FOIA requests can be costly, both in dollars and in legal penalties. Year by year, FOIA requests only increase, and due to outdated processing methods, FOIA officers are overworked, public agencies have huge backlogs, and the American people’s agitation escalates.

With AiFOIA, you get…

Faster Response

AiFOIA uses RPA bots that move faster and more efficiently. Instead of crunching to meet due dates, AiFOIA can process requests in seconds. This platform makes worrying about exceeding response deadlines a thing of the past. By giving the public fast and easy access to information without pressure on the team, this AiFOIA solution benefits not just your employees, but also the requestor.

Task Efficiency

Big FOIA requests can force a team to dedicate all their time and workforce to a single task. With AiFOIA, each process is handled effectively without having to shuffle around resources. It also allows staff to focus on the knowledge work that makes them successful. AiFOIA neutralizes the struggle of matching effort with the size of each request, freeing FOIA team members from boring and tedious tasks.


Errors are part of what makes us human, but with the AiFOIA, they can be managed. RPA bots and machine learning models are always accurate when it comes to processing information. Copy and paste errors are a reality of data entry, but Bots enter the correct information in the right place without fail. This platform improves the standard quality of the information in FOIA responses.

Improved Logistics

Whether it’s a vast database or a focused folder, it’s not always easy to find what you want by scrolling through endless files. Not only that but organizing the information for a FOIA response can be a daunting task in itself. With our AiFOIA platform, scanning and compiling data is completed in the blink of an eye.

Take a look at our AiFOIA process flow vision. We envision infusing intelligent RPA Bots in many aspects of the workflow, achieving maximum efficiency in responding to FOIA requests.

The AiFOIA platform dramatically reduces the burden on your FOIA team and redirects focus to higher-value work.

The AiFOIA Platform embodies our Mantra, “Work Smarter, Bot Harder.” Let these bots do the hard work for you.

AiFOIA Brochures

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