RPA and Covid-19

October 12, 2020

Thomas S

Coivd-19 has put pressure on every enterprise to adapt and overcome the new circumstances we currently face. Understanding how to grow in 2020 is one of the most pressing questions for many organizations. 


While everything is slowing or shutting down, the pressure to move faster hasn’t let up. 

Many industries are undergoing rapid changes. Restaurants are building more outside seating, call centers are becoming decentralized, and the healthcare industry is mobilizing to meet a pandemic’s demands. All the while, they are experiencing the pain of an economic slowdown. Social distancing has resulted in a sprint to digital transformation and the adoption of artificial intelligence. 

One solution that has come to the forefront during the pandemic is Robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is an ideal technology because it provides transformative efficiency, but doesn’t require extensive changes in existing processes or infrastructure. 


RPA bot’s ability to automate a business process is crucial to moving forward.

According to Venture Beat, “The pandemic is now considered an inflection point for automation, with some predicting that RPA spend will reach $25 billion by 2025 (compared to $3.6 billion today). In the first quarter of 2020, UIPath added 836 customers, as it helped a number of enterprises ensure business continuity, including patient data collection, health alerts, government approval for stimulus assistance, contact tracing, and more.”

RPA is reaching new heights of adoption because it can grow efficiency without requiring a fundamental shift in how an enterprise operates. It assists the worker by handling their highly repetitive tasks and focusing on the work that makes them successful. As a solution, RPA is widely accessible, quick to implement, and cost-effective. 

You can find useful examples of Covid-19 RPA usage in the field of customer service. As customer service becomes more digital, more enterprises are finding opportunities for automating processes. A RPA bot can now understand customer requests, extract the correct information, and then make a decision—all within a matter of seconds.


RPA grows efficiency despite the Pandemic 

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