Introducing CLASSI™

October 1, 2020

Paolina K

Insystech is proud to announce the launch of our latest product – CLASSI™!

CLASSI™ is a set of services that we developed to help organizations execute ID-related functions with impeccable accuracy, and in record time. Enterprises have the option to use CLASSI™ as a hosted service or on-site (on-prem).

How Does It Work? – The Technological Features of CLASSI™

CLASSI™ is a set of Artificially Intelligent software services that makes use of Machine Learning models to unlock data from complicated ID documents. What are these “complicated” documents? They are documents whose information have traditionally been tricky for computers to collect, validate and process – be they in a variety of formats (such as passports or ID cards from different countries), in a low resolution scan, in a tilted image file and so on. Up until now, all such documents by necessity have been read, and processed manually by humans – who perhaps don’t even realize how complicated a task their brains have been executing! Now, CLASSI™ exists as a technology platform that brings RPA, AI, and Document Processing to a Nexus; a set of software robots that read, extract, and process data, engineered specifically to handle any organization’s ID-related jobs.

What Can It Do?

CLASSI™ can register individuals, validate ID documents, consolidate information strewn across multi-page documents, verify people’s identities, and simply put, fetch, organize and package desired data for end users to consume.

We are very pleased to be releasing CLASSI™ for public use! To learn more about how CLASSI™ can serve you,  visit! To download our Whitepaper, click here! And to ask any questions, or get a demo, email us at today.